Welcome to 7Trails. I’m Kevin. This blog chronicles my journeys as I seek a life of freedom, meaning and adventure.

In December 2013, I set out on the adventure of a lifetime, one that I had dreamt about for years but never before had the courage or opportunity to make a reality. To guide my new adventures, I set for myself a goal of hiking the best long distance trek on each continent. Over the next few years, I’d travel the world and hike the world’s greatest trails – at least one on every continent, and each one at least 100 miles.

This blog covers those journeys and all the fun in between. I’ll primarily discuss my hiking and travel adventures. I’ll tell all about the different trails I end up on, and, on occasion, give reviews of the gear that helps me get there.

Because I’m a treehugger at heart, I’ll also talk about the environmental issues facing the beautiful places that I travel.


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