7Trails Adventures

7Trails is now offering guided adventures on epic trails in the world’s most interesting travel destinations. These unforgettable hikes, each featured in Hike The World: The Guide to the Planet’s Best Trails, offer a unique opportunity to experience dramatic natural beauty, intriguing cultures, and the thrill of adventure in a way that few ever will. Learn more about these incredible adventures below!

May 2018

Come explore the wild side of Morocco. This two-week North African escape takes you from from Morocco’s iconic cities to the heights of the Atlas range before finishing on the breathtaking Atlantic coast.




December 2018

From ancient human ancestors to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the wild Simien Escarpment, Ethiopia has witnessed more than its fair share human history. Experience the best of this ancient land on the unforgettable 15-day Simien Sojourn adventure.




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