Jungle Volleyball at 13,550 feet

Jungle-rules volleyball at 13,550 feet

I’m safe and sound back in Kathmandu after wrapping up my third and final trek in Nepal. I followed my 11-day trip around the Annapurna Circuit with a short sprint into the awe inspiring Annapurna Sanctuary.

With 30 of my last 32 days spent on the trail among the highest mountains on the planet, I’ve come away with some unforgettable memories. My time in the Sanctuary, in particular, left its mark. In addition to mind-blowing 360° views of 8,000 meter peaks, I somehow stumbled into the world’s highest pickup volleyball game at the Southern Annapurna Base Camp. There’s nothing quite like the surreality of a little touch of home, half a world and over 13,500 vertical feet away, to make you feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be.

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